Navona Records


Website Design & Development
Logo Design


Platform: WordPress
Catalog sorting & filtering
Custom backend interface

In Fall 2021, the GRAMMY-award winning label Navona Records underwent an intensive redesign of their website, integrating intuitive elements that allow visitors to navigate with ease, streamlining access to music, album information, and related web content from dedicated album and artist pages. Visitors to the site can also find links to stream or buy from several popular sources, narrow their searches by genre and instrumentation, and access exclusive artist interviews all in one place.

Making Connections

We know first hand that time is a valuable thing. The Navona Records website contains a custom backend system that allows content to be quickly linked across the entire landscape of the site, granting users a streamlined experience, and visitors a quick route back to any page they like, without ever truly losing their place.

Logo Design

Complete with custom branding, colors, fonts, and logo design, the Navona Records aesthetic is truly one of a kind. Working in conjunction with a wide range of consumer-friendly features, the new Navona Records website makes it both easy and enjoyable to discover today’s classical artists.

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